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My Facebook feed showed a post by a friend who’s a promoter of “one word” themes for the new year.  (@RachelOlsen)  One of her followers replied with her “one word” for 2019.   Reading the post, I thought, ‘“I’m not a ‘one word ‘person.  It’s a nice idea, but not for me.”   Just as I was completing that thought, the Voice (God) abruptly broke into my thoughts.  speaking as clear as the light of day, with (you guessed it) one word, “Disciplines.”  

I would loved to have seen the look of surprise on my face as I heard the word “disciplines.”   I didn’t think I was a “one word” person, but apparently God disagreed and thought I needed to be made aware of the word on which He wants me to focus.  My reaction: “Really?  Of all the words You could give me – ‘disciplines?’  Not something like ‘joy,’ ‘creativity,’ ‘kindness,’ or even ‘humility’ (the last word I chose a few years ago and am still working on), but ‘disciplines?’ OK.  I get it, and You are right.  I need to get back to my disciplines.” 

I knew what God was referring to.  I used to live by what I called my spiritual disciplines – disciplined time for prayer,  reading/studying my Bible,  and worship.  I got up early to have quiet time to pray before starting my day.  As soon as the boys were off to school, I sat down to do my Bible studies.  I pursued worship through Sunday services and other church activities.

Please be assured I still pray, read/study my Bible and worship, but it’s been a while since I’ve pursued these things in a disciplined way, and last year didn’t help.

2018 was a year when one difficult thing happened after another, sometimes more than one situation happening at once. Faith, prayers, reading my Bible, and the support of  loved ones and Christian friends got me through each challenge and difficulty, but I wasn’t disciplined.

My hope for 2019 is that it will  put 2018 behind me and allow me to get life back on track.  Responding to that hope, God replied with the one word He knew I needed to do just that – “disciplines.”

After thinking it through, I smiled.  “Thank You, God.  I did need “one word,” and “disciplines” is just the word I need.

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