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I am sorry for the way things are in our country. When I was your age, the future looked good, promising and bright. The only worries I had were for my own personal goals.  Our nation seemed to be solid and secure, a place that offered promise for young people pursuing their hopes and dreams.  We had leaders who set good examples, not just in politics, but also in business, entertainment, sports, churches, schools and in communities.  We were starting to see the coming together of races as the nation moved on from racial tensions.  Christianity was still an important part of the American society; and the moral fabric of our nation was still intact, not yet eaten by moths of disrespect, arrogance, greed, self-serving attitudes, and other ills that plague our nation today.

I am sorry that mistakes made by my generation are leaving great problems for you, and those behind you, to solve and fix.

I am sorry that, when asked about the future, young people say they are worried. They are concerned about serious issues posed by both sides of politics, not feeling confident about either candidate running for President.  I am sorry that, when you should be looking toward your future with hope and promise, you feel worry, concern and discouragement.

I pray for you. I pray that God will raise up great leaders, thinkers and doers from among you.  I pray you will be a generation who learns from the mistakes we have made, and works together to find solutions and ways to turn things around.

I pray that God will bring forth for you good leaders, teachers, parents, family and friends – and Presidents! – to inspire, encourage, and help you along. I also pray your generation will find its way to God and church.

In this world of change, violence and instability, there is only one constant, one true hope, and that is our hope in God through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Did you see that word “Savior”?  Only Jesus can save us from the sins of our past and be our hope in times of injustice and unrest.  God loves you and those around you.  Thousands of years ago He started making a way for you to follow when He set aside a Holy nation and taught them how to live together in righteousness.  He sent His only Son to live among us to teach us how to love and live before offering Himself as a sacrifice for the sins we had committed, promising salvation and life everlasting to all who come to Him and claim Him as their Savior and Lord. All the Lord asks of us is that we live righteously for Him, putting Him before all else, turning away from sins, and loving others as He loves us.

With God on our side, the future is still promising and bright! My hopes and prayers are for you, the young people of America.   Have hope for the future, and trust in God.

May God bless and keep you.  🙂

The Lord loves the just (righteous) and will not forsake his faithful ones.  – Psalm 37:28

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