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I had an amazing experience this morning as God worked miracles before my eyes.

It happened in Bible study.  An aged man with a debilitating disease, wheelchair bound and with speech difficulties, shared a God-led, inspiring testimony.  Because of his illness, his speech is often hard to understand, and he cannot project well.  However, today God enabled him to speak so that all could hear and understand.  It truly was miraculous.

His message touched all of us.

One lady, with hearing problems, sat beside him so she could hear better.  Throughout the testimony, she maintained eye contact with the speaker, listened intently, nodded and responded with facial expressions as he spoke.  At one point she was moved to tears.  Not only was God enabling the man to speak, He was enabling her to hear!  Afterward, she put her hand on his arm and thanked him for sharing such a special message.  He apologized if she couldn’t hear him well.  She smiled, looked into his eyes, and with tears in her own eyes, sweetly replied, “I didn’t hear a word you said.  I heard your heart.”

Perhaps she heard his message the best.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the morning we had in Bible study; and for the amazing way you enabled our friend to share testimony, and the rest of us to hear.  Thank you for our sweet friend who could not hear his words, but was gifted to hear his heart.  Please, Lord, so that I might better know, understand, and love others, help me learn to hear others’ hearts, too.    In Jesus’ name I pray.   Amen.

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