Tonight is the 35th class reunion for our high school graduating class.  (Yikes!  Am I really that old?!)  I wish I could be there.  I would LOVE to see friends I grew up with and reunite with those who have become better friends in recent years through our connections in social media.  Remembering past times, and seeing where we are now, I am awed by the ties of friendship and experiences that bind us together, bringing some of us closer now than we were in high school.

The Bible says:  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands cannot quickly be broken.  (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV)

Life has proven this to be true.  That’s why need each other, and why family and friendships are so important.

Going back the verse above, think about ways we can use a cord or rope.  A rope can be used to tie a swing to the high branch of a tree to bring laughter to children of all ages.  Ropes tie boats to docks to keep them from drifting away. Climbers use ropes to tether themselves to each other, and also to attach themselves to secure objects for safety. Preschool teachers use long ropes for their students to hold onto when they leave their classrooms to keep all the little ones together and going the right direction. Ropes can be used to make nets that can catch fish, and are used in sports to deflect balls to make games challenging, and also to keep balls from going out of bounds.

Family relationships and friendships serve the same purposes – provide laughter and joy, keep others from drifting away, getting lost, or falling down the proverbial slippery slopes of life, and add challenge to keep things fun.  Friends of faith can help keep us anchored in truth and righteousness, and also keep us from going out of bounds.

Standing alone, we can feel weak, discouraged, vulnerable, overwhelmed, isolated, and lonely. A friend or loved one can make us laugh, give encouragement, help, advise, listen, and support, being there to share the highs and lows of life. When three or more come together, the ties that bind are even stronger!

To my family and friends:  Whether I’ve known you all my life, became acquainted with you online, or just met you recently in the grocery store, I appreciate you and your friendship!  I appreciate having others who celebrate good times, understand the messy moments of life, give help and encouragement when times are tough, and I especially appreciate having loved ones and friends who share in faith and prayer.  We might not always agree, but that’s ok!  Sharing differences helps us grow in understanding of each other and the world around us.

So here’s to family, friendship, and the ties that bind us together.  May those ties be forever strong!

Blessings to all.  🙂