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Response to Christ’s Gift of Easter

 A wonderful gift was given. A tremendous price was paid.

An investment for your salvation was sacrificially made.

Christ gave His life, shed His blood for our sins. On the cross He was crucified.

Like a criminal He was led to death, but as our Savior He died.

Yet, with His death came life anew, and victory over sin!

The debt He paid said, “I love you. Now your sins are forgiven.”

Forgiveness, a word oft’ misunderstood, means to pardon or excuse,

It means giving God’s grace and receiving His grace, that grudges are refused.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be punishment, or consequences to be paid,

But in response to Christ’s gift of Easter, heart’s offerings should be made.

For the Bible says to us be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving, too;

Even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you. 1

The Bible also says Christ’s forgiveness, will make us clean and white as snow,2

That in Christ we’ll live forever.  Shame and evil will rule us no more.

Let’s rejoice in the gift of forgiveness! Let’s rejoice that Christ overcame sin!

Let’s rejoice in Christ’s victory over death, and for eternal life with Him!

(Written by Renee Myers, 4-9-12)

  1. Ephesians 4:32
  2. Isaiah 1:18

The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them.  They caused anger and hurt.   I also felt anger and hurt from the words said to me.

ME:  “What happened, God?  How did things get so ugly?”  ”

GOD:  “Because of you.”

That was hard to hear, but it was true.  My words provoked the situation.  My behavior violated many of the Bible’s teachings.  I was irritable, impatient, rude and seeking my own way.  Violations of the “love” verses in 1 Corinthians, chapter 13.

My words did not build up.  They tore down.  Violation of Ephesians 4:29, a verse I often share with students to encourage them to speak kindly to others.  If only I’d heeded my own advice.

Proverbs says that gentle words turn away wrath.  I failed that one, too, and many others.

Most importantly, I had failed to behave as the Bible teaches us.  If I had a problem, I should have first gone to God in prayer, trusting Him to lead in the situation, and approaching the other person only if God led me to do so; and then only after more prayer allowing God to work in both of our hearts.  Otherwise, I should have allowed God to work in this situation instead of taking matters into my own hands.  Oh, I messed up so badly!

I felt deep sense of shame and guilt. What could I do to make things right?

I humbly confessed my sins to God, apologized to the one I offended (taking ownership for my wrongdoing), and then prayerfully reflected on all of this.  Through prayer, I was reminded of Easter and the Savior who died on a cross as the perfect sacrifice for all human sin.  I was already forgiven by the Lord!

Gratitude and relief filled my heart. I was so thankful for Jesus, and humbly realized my need for our Risen Savior.

This Easter, please join me in celebrating 50 shades of Grace, as we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, whose love takes away our sins, and offers us the hope of life everlasting.  Amen.

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