My Daddy Dale would have been 78 today.  He died in a car accident on his way home from a business trip, just hours before celebrating his 28th birthday.  I was just 2 1/2, but have snip-its of memories of him, and remember my mom receiving the call that he had been killed.  A Sunday school teacher had told us about heaven, so I knew that’s where he was and was ok with that, but was sorry he didn’t come home for his birthday cake. Yes, I have missed him all my life, and am thankful for the lady who taught preschoolers about Jesus and heaven.  I’ve been blessed by relationships with Daddy Dale’s family, and continue to be very blessed that God provided a second dad, the one who raised me, provided for me, and made sure I felt loved.  He didn’t adopt me legally, but adopted me in his heart, and that’s even better, as I know we’re Dad and Daughter by choice.  I love him very much, but today am thinking about my Daddy Dale.  Happy birthday, Daddy Dale!

Thank You, God, for giving me two fathers, and for always being there as my Heavenly Father.

HEAVEN:  The Bible tells us that Heaven is a magnificently beautiful place of justice and peace, where there will be no more suffering – no more pain, struggles or death, where all will live well.  There will be no need for sun or moon because all will live in the radiance of the Lord.  If you want to know more about Heaven, please take a few moments to read what the Bible says in Isaiah 65:17-25 and Revelation Chapters 21 & 22.  Then read Isaiah’s foretelling of Jesus Christ, our Savior, through Whom heaven is received (Isaiah 52:13-15 and Ch 53).  You can read the Bible online at .

You can also be inspired about heaven by reading the book “Heaven is for Real” about a precious little boy who experienced heaven.  (The book is more inspiring than the movie because it tells more of their personal story.)

God bless you.