Day 19 of the study leads us to Luke, Chapter 9.  It is similar to yesterday’s reading, Mark, Chapter 9, but does have differences.  For instance, both Mark and Luke talk about the transfiguration, but Luke gives more info.  Luke’s purpose of writing was to gather info and eye witness accounts so he could present what he believed to be a factual account of events in Jesus’ life.  It makes sense that he would offer more detail. 

Disciples and Apostles   Once Jesus sends “the twelve” out to minister in His name, we see them referred to as both “disciples” and “apostles.”  Until now, they were only referred to as “disciple” which means “learner” and “follower”.  Apostle, of Greek origin, means “delegate, messenger, one sent.” 

We can’t even take one carry-on bag?  (Luke 9:3)  Why didn’t Jesus allow the disciples/apostles to take extra clothes or baggage with them?  The Bible doesn’t say, but it is believed that perhaps Jesus wanted them to learn to rely on God for their provisions.  This is something Jesus was already accustomed to doing.

No place to lay his head (Luke 9:57-58)  Luke’s account reveals more to the cost of following Jesus, indicating that when Jesus went into ministry, he left his hometown and no longer had a place of his own to call home. 

No respect for the dead, or for family? (Luke 9:59-62)  In the closing verses of chapter 9, Jesus seems callous in regard to respect for the dead and for family, but Jesus is not callous about these things.  He believes in honoring parents and loved ones.  Jesus is speaking in metaphor (not literally) in response to the hesitation of the first person who wanted to follow Jesus, but only after the person pursued personal interests first. The same is true of Jesus’ response to the second person, when Jesus’ metaphor points out that we can’t truly follow Him while looking in another direction. Jesus wants us to be focused on Him so we don’t stray off course.   

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the preservation of Your Word that allows us to continue studying and learning about Jesus so we can become better followers.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen. 

Tomorrow’s reading (Sunday, Mar 30, Day 19 of study) is Luke, Chapter 10.