Oh, Father God, my heart grieves for the people of Newtown, CT and all who experienced loss in that tragedy.  Please be with them to give them comfort.  Some might ask how You could allow such a thing to happen, but I know it wasn’t You, but evil at its worst that day.  Some might ask where You were that morning.  I know You were there, and that in the midst of all the horror, it was You willing miracles to happen and protecting more from being injured or killed.  It was You who prompted a teacher to act quickly and pull a frightened young boy from the hallway and into her classroom for safety as shots were being fired.  It was You who gave teachers the instincts to gather children together and out of harm’s way.  It was You who provided courage to those who lost their lives in their effort to protect the precious children.  In time, I believe more acts of miracles will come to be known and told.

Oh, Lord, these people need You now more than ever.  How will they go on?  How will they find their way through Christmas with the heavy grief they bear?  How will they help their children cope with all that has happened?  How will they resume their lives?  Please be with them, God, as they seek to find answers to these questions.  Please give the parents, families, loved ones, friends, spiritual leaders, and all in that community the strength, wisdom and help they need to survive and help each other.  I pray that they won’t let this situation cause them to doubt You or turn away from You.  No, instead I pray they will turn to You to be their strength, refuge, and very present help in time of need.

We live in a fallen world, but we have the hope in Christ of a home with You, a home of peace where there will be no violence, famine, strife, disease, or death. The Bible says there will be no gates for there will be no need for them.  All will be safe and well.  There is comfort in knowing the precious lives lost have found their home in You, that they are now with You in heaven, and for that we give praise, but honestly it’s still hard to understand why or how this tragedy happened, and why these lives were lost.  It seems they were taken way too soon.  So please be with us all, God.  Help us to help each other.  In the coming days as we look toward Christmas, may we be even more aware and thankful for the Christ Child who was born to be our Savior, whose birth we celebrate, for in Him we find hope, which is especially needed in these difficult times.

I pray also for the young man who now grieves the loss of his mother and brother, and must also carry the burden of what his brother has done. I hope others treat him with compassion.  Lord be with him.

Also, please help us learn more about the mental problems that led to these killings so that we can help others.

Heavenly Father, sadly and humbly we share our heavy hearts with You.  May You continue to be at work in the fallout from this tragegy as we claim the promise of Romans 8:28, and may all glory be unto You.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.