The house was still dark in the pre-dawn hour, yet already my mind was racing

with all I had to do that day, the busy schedule I’d be chasing.

I needed to wake the boys for school; then the busyness would begin,

so first I took a quick moment to pray, and that’s when I saw Him.

He was lying in His manger bed, peaceful and still as could be,

and all who gathered ‘round Him, were gazing adoringly.

There was no sense of movement. All took pause in that moment of time,

for the angel said He was the Savior was born, God’s gift to all mankind.

From the shepherd boy to the wealthy and wise, all were humbled at the sight

of the baby born to save the world on that fateful Christmas night.

The men who traveled from afar brought gifts to be treasured and saved,

but the shepherd boy  gave what pleased the Babe most, for of his heart he gave.

It was there in the glow of Christmas lights, my eyes fell on the nativity scene,

In that moment I was reminded of what Christmas really means.

It means taking time to pause and reflect, even bow on bended knee,

to honor the Savior, Immanuel, who was born for you and me,

When we come into His presence, we should offer Him our best,

 God did just that when He gave us the Son, in hopes that all would be blessed.

My day was still busy, but my heart was at ease, in fact it was filled with joy!

 I’d taken a moment to be blessed by the sight of the Holy baby boy.

May the love of God and the hope of Christ be with you in all of your days,

And in keeping His presence with you, may you be blessed in awesome ways!

–          Renee Myers, Christmas 2012