I Found Prayer

A funny thing happened on the way to despair

I threw myself down, then looked up to find Prayer.

He looked at me kindly, then kneeled down to me.

His arms stretched out widely to give and receive.

They offered love, hope, joy, and peace,

And were waiting to take my worries and needs.

I felt awe and fear.  I lay there confused.

He was offering the grace I’d so often refused.

There’d been so many time I’d neglected His help,

Too prideful to pray, I’d done things myself.

He wanted to be with me, be part of my day,

But I’d shut Him out, too busy to pray.

Yes, I’d lived on my own, without Him in my life,

So here I was struggling, overwhelmed by my strife.

Again I looked up, “Lord Savior, be mine!”

“Be at peace,” He said. “My grace is your find.”

Yes, a funny thing happened on the way to despair.

I found hope and new life when I turned to Prayer.

Written by Renee Myers, 10-05-07.