The topic of women in the news today made me realize that I know a LOT of women and I’m proud of ALL the women I know!   I know women from family, church, school, neighborhood, old friendships, new friendships, facebook friends, and even women I’ve met through online involvements.  The women I know are single, married, mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, aunts, sisters, daughters, cousins and friends.

They’re full-time workers, part-time workers, and home-based moms (I don’t think there’s any such thing as a ‘stay-at-home’ mom.  lol) and women who are retired.  Some have chosen careers for themselves.  Others have made careers as wives and mothers.  They’re bankers, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, farm wives, teachers, volunteers, lawyers, accountants, women in the medical field, fitness experts, writers, speakers, singers, radio personalities, salespeople, pastors, public servants, decorators, designers, corporate assistants, business owners (my list could go on)…and you know what?  The women who bear those titles are both the ‘working’ women AND home-based women!  Yes, home-based women wear lots of  proverbial hats, too!

Additionally, all these women are loving, kind, nurturing, intelligent, humorous, funny, fun, interesting, inspiring, giving, helping, and all-around awesome women to know.  Every woman I know, regardless of her economic situation is concerned about the well-being of loved ones, religion, economics, education, politics, world peace, violence, etc.   They work hard, play hard, and like to have fun.

Some women have chosen professional lives over motherhood.  Others chose to become moms.  Some moms gave up careers and jobs to raise their children.  Others chose to keep their jobs and careers.  Others would like to work, but can’t afford child care.  Others would like to give up their job, but their families need their income and/or benefits.

Regardless of your situations and the choices you’ve made in life, YOU’RE AWESOME WOMEN, AWESOME MOMS, and I’m awesomely blessed and grateful to know you and call you my friends!     Hugs to all!