As Father’s Day approaches, I want to say to all the dads, “Dads, you do make a difference!”

I give thanks often that my husband is such a great father to our sons.

  • He’s devoted to their well-being
  • works hard to provide for them
  • has fun with them
  • takes time each day to be with them
  • does his best to attend their games and other important events
  • encourages them
  • teaches them
  • corrects them
  • makes sure they know he loves them

Most importantly, my husband is a man of  faith who does his best to set a good and godly example for our sons.

In Tony Dungee’s book, “The Mentor Leader”, he states that most men in prison grew up without a father.   It makes me wonder how the prisoners’ lives might have been different if they’d had a father.  Would they have made better choices in life?  Lived better lives?

This also makes me think about my own sons.  We’re blessed to have their father.  He’s not just a dad in title only.  He is a strong presence in their lives and mine.

Men, if you’re a dad, know that dads do make a difference!  Be present in your children’s lives.  Set a good example for them.  Don’t just love your children, love their mother, too.  Most of all, love God.  Put Him first in your life, then your wife/marriage, and then your children.  Work, money, hobbies/interests, other relationships all come after God, wife, children, family.

Wives, love your husbands and show them respect.  This teaches your children to do the same.  Know that dads do things differently and it’s ok!  Kids need the aspects of relationships with fathers just as much as they need their relationships with you!

No matter your age or the age of your children, if you’re a dad, your children need you.  Dads, you do make a difference!  May God bless you and be with you in your relationships with your children.