Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld…       ~ 2 Chronicles 20:20

It was a beautiful day at Appalachian Ski Resort.  My husband and sons hit the slopes.  I spent the day at the ski lodge catching glimpses of them when I could.  From where I sat, I could watch skiers and snowboarders coming down the slopes. 

 My sons just started skiing two years ago.  It amazes me that they’re skiing so well now!  My husband says it’s a good thing I’m not on the slopes to watch my older son because he just goes straight down…FAST.   My younger son just learned to navigate the slopes last year, and already he’s coming down like a little pro! 

I skied once.  It was up at Snowshoe, WV.  Rex and I were in our first year of marriage.  He already knew how to ski.  I did not. For the sake of our new marriage, we felt it would be best for me to take a lesson from an instructor before skiing with Rex.  My initial excitement quickly turned to anxiety when I got my skis.  They felt awkward,  I didn’t know what to expect, and began to feel afraid.  Rex had to coax me out into the snow.  I was literally trembling with fear.  Then I took my first step onto the snow – which was glazed with ice – and to my horror, my skis took off with me strapped to them!   Rex says it was just down a little bunny slope, but it felt huge to me!  By the time I  came to a stop, I was in tears.  I was scared and I did NOT want to learn to ski! 

Has life ever felt that way to you?  Have you ever felt like life was moving quicklydownhill and there wasn’t anything you could do to stop it?  Did you feel helpless and scared? 

 Rex listened to me cry as I tried to refuse to ski, but we were a young couple who didn’t have a lot of money.  His reply was that we’d just paid for a lesson so I was going to take it. (Grrrrr…not what I wanted to hear!)  About that time the instructor came and our small group lesson began.  Rex went off to ski on his own.  He came up later to see how I was doing and was surprised to not only see me doing well on my skis, but I was actually enjoying myself and helping others learn to ski!   Once I learned some fundamental basics of skiing, I had faith that things would be ok and let myself my go.    My earlier fear was because I didn’t know what to expect and felt I had no control over my skis. 

I had a similar fear when my sons started skiing.  I didn’t know what to expect and I had no control of their situation!  What if they lost control and got hurt?  All Rex and I could do was make sure they had good instruction, breathe a few prayers, and have faith that they’d be ok. 

Life is often like this, too.  We have to have faith enough to let go, breathe a few prayers, and have faith in God that things will be ok.  We talked about Faith in Bible study today.  When I refer to faith, I don’t mean that we’re to have faith in our own abilities.  We need to have faith in God!  Just a little time with our Instructor (Jesus), and learning fundamentals from the Bible, can prepare us for what is ahead and make a huge difference in our ability to make our way down the slippery slopes of  life.  This is how we can help our children navigate the slippery slopes of  life, too!   

After completing my lesson, I left the instructional area and ventured down an actual slope.  It was fun!  Then I returned to the instructional area where I’d taken my first ‘ride’ on skis – the one that terrified me, and Rex was right.  It was just a little bunny slope – not nearly as huge as it seemed at the time.  

If you’re facing a slippery slope of your own, put your faith and trust in God.  He’ll prepare you, then be with you all the way down; and most likely you’ll discover that with His help, things are never as bad as they may seem.     

Anything is possible if you have faith.   ~ Mark 9:23