The world around me is absolutely beautiful!  It’s autumn here in Charlotte, and God is at His best in His creation.  My son and I came upon a beautiful fall setting yesterday and remarked that the autumn beauty is one of God’s best masterpieces of color and creation. 

The apostle Paul said that to see the world around us is to know God.  I agree.  The Bible begins by telling how God created the earth. God promised that there would always be day and night, and seasons.  As I look outside now, I’m surround by the glorious colors of fall, and I can’t help but be in awe and think, “This (the beauty I see) is our Creating God!” 

The beauty we see now is just one tiny example of the awesomeness of God’s creations.  Something amazing about God is that He created this incredible world, with beauty on land, sea and in the sky, proclaiming all of it good, but He didn’t stop at this created world.  Our Creating God is such a loving God, that He desired to have beings with whom to share His beautiful world, so He created man.   That’s interesting to me, because when I work hard to make or create something, I don’t want anyone touching it because I don’t want them to hurt it or damage it in any way.  However, our Creating God is so loving that He took that extra step and created man so that He could share His beautiful world with us and be in relationship with us.

Looking around I see brilliant shades of red, gold, orange and green.  Showers of gold leaves fall from the trees, as if dancing in the sunlight.  The breeze brings the seasonal sound of leaves rustling in the trees.  Squirrels scamper about the ground, making fallen leaves crackle beneath their feet; and overhead is the bright Carolina blue sky. 

It’s as if everything else in the world doesn’t matter right now.  For in this moment I’m surrounded by the presence of God and assured of His continued works of creation.  Yes, God isn’t a being of times past remembered for what He once did.  He’s a God of present times who continues to create things anew, not just in the world around us, but in our hearts and lives, too.  Praise be to God!