If I could house a nation, that’s exactly what I’d do.

For God’s people who are struggling, to show them love and give them food.

There’d be a fireplace to warm them, clean clothes for them to wear,

It would be a Christian place of refuge where they’d know that others care. 

I’d bring in families who are homeless, those with nowhere else to go,

Children who are orphaned, and those who need to know

That someone truly loves them, no matter what they’ve done,

Or where they’ve been, or what they’ve seen. I’d welcome everyone

who needed a safe place to call home, and Christ would be there, too.

To love on them and heal them, as only He can do. 

I’d reach out to those who feel abandoned, and those world has shunned,

So all would know they’re children of God, and Christ’s love is for everyone!

I’d gather people of the world who are hated, and those whose lives have been ravaged by storms,

No more would they live in fear of danger, or have to protect themselves from harm.

All who’d come would receive a new start, ‘a new lease on life’, some might say,

So they could could thrive and grow in the love of Christ, and find hope in each new day.

Yes, if I could house a nation, that’s exactly what I’d do,

So there’d be no more suffering and all would find Life anew.

You know, God has prepared such a place as this.  It’s called heaven and it’s for you and me,

and all who claim Jesus as Savior and Lord.  What a glorious place it will be!

So for now I’ll ‘house this nation’, by keeping these people in prayer,

For God has prepared a house for us all, and I hope someday all will be there. 

– Renee Myers   11-5-10

The following Bible scriptures talk about the glory of heaven and how to find your way there:  (You can find these passages at www.BibleGateway.com )

  • Isaiah chapter 55     “Invititaion to the Lord’s salvation”
  • Luke 24:47      There is forgiveness of sins for all who turn to Christ.
  • Acts 4:12          Christ is the only one who can give salvation.
  • Romans 10:8-13    Assurance of salvation….For “Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”… and how to offer your heart to Christ
  • Isaiah 65:17-25      Description of what the ‘New Jerusalem’/Heaven will be like
  • Revelation chapters 21 & 22    The Apostle John’s vision of heaven
  • Isaiah 25:6-10      Isaiah rejoices in the glory of heaven