Excitedly, my son and I, dressed up for Halloween this year.

He was an Army soldier, and I was a witch with long purple hair.

We greeted trick-or-treaters with candy.  I was friendly and kind to each one,

but most of the time, kids went around me, they preferred to go to my son.

I thought it was because he, too, was a child, but that wasn’t it, said he.

They avoided me because I was a ‘witch’.  The children were scared of me! 

I wasn’t scary looking.  I smiled and tried to chat,

but it didn’t seem to matter, as long as I wore that witch’s hat. 

I stated that I was a good witch, and tried to be nice as could be,

But still it didn’t matter.  They couldn’t see the ‘real’ me. 

I thought about that later, and wondered how often we do the same,

By judging others on their appearance, and don’t even ask their name.

God speaks about this in the Bible, saying He doesn’t play man’s part,

of seeing others from the outside. God looks at our hearts. 

We shouldn’t make assumptions about others based on their skin or size,

the clothes they wear, the length of their hair, or the color of their eyes.

Oh, Lord, help us to be like You, and look at the hearts of people we see.

Don’t let us give them cause to say, “They don’t see the real me.”