“…pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love and peace.  Enjoy the companionship of those who call upon the Lord with pure hearts.”   ~ 2 Timothy 2:22

When was the last time you put all your cares and worries aside and got away for a weekend retreat?   I just did so this past weekend to attend our church women’s retreat, and WOW!  What a great weekend! It was wonderful!

The retreat was held in Myrtle Beach, SC, about 4 hours away.  Everything was perfect…the music, the messages, the intermingling of those who were there, accommodations, and even the weather!  What a weekend of love…love of the Spirit, and sisterly love that rose up among us.  Making the retreat especially nice for me was having my mother with me.  It’s been many years since we’ve taken a little trip together, and it was fun sharing the retreat experience with her. 

Our featured speaker was Rachel Olsen from Proverbs 31 Ministries (www.proverbs31.org).  I know her as a personal friend and have worked with her on Christian writing projects, but hadn’t heard her as a speaker.  She was excellent!   And btw…Rachel is the  author of  It’s No Secret: Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know           It’s a great book.  Check it out! 

My thanks go out to the retreat committee and all who were there for making it such a special retreat.  I really needed time away in retreat, and came home revived and refreshed. 

My encouragements go out to each of you to:

1) Take part in Christian retreats and/or Christian events in your area.

2) Consider ways your church, organization, or friends might host Christian fellowship events and gatherings of your own.  <<< Always begin with prayer. 

3) Open yourself up to the bonds and blessings of sisterhood/brotherhood and godly friendships. 

Words of the theme verse for our retreat sum it up best:   “…Enjoy companionship with those who call upon the Lord with pure hearts.”   ~ 2 Timothy 2:22