Encourage one another daily, as long as it is today.    ~ Hebrews 3:13

I’m usually a positive person, but a couple of days ago my mood was anything but positive.  I was frustrated with a situation and even more frustrated with myself for mentally giving in to the situation.  I don’t like myself when I’m negative and down, but I couldn’t seem to lift my thoughts. 

It had been a couple of days since I’d checked email, so I clicked ‘send/receive’ and watched as many messages started appearing in my inbox.  As they did, my eyes were drawn to a message from my dear friend, Sue.  We’re in Bible study together and she was sharing thoughts inspired by our studies.  We were learning to see God as a self-revealing God, so she composed a list of ways God had revealed Himself to her in recent years since she’d been growing in faith.  She wrote:

“He’s forgiving, empowering, he’s all knowing, he’s glorious, he’s omnipotent, sovereign, he’s holy, he’s just, he’s healing, he’s restoring, he’s hope, he’s graceful, he’s steadfast, he restores, he’s powerful, he’s indescribable, he blesses, he’s strength, he’s righteous, he’s sincere, he’s everything to me!!!”

Being reminded of the wonderful things about God, and feeling the goodness that overflowed from her heart, totally lifted my spirits!  Sue had no idea that I was in need of a mood-booster.  She just shared from her heart as God led her to do, having no idea that her words would be such a blessing to me at that time. 

Receiving her message reminded me of the importance of sharing encouragement and sharing our love of God, and doing it now, today.  Sure, I’d have appreciated Sue’s message even if received later in the week, but because she acted at that time, it came just when I needed it. 

Who needs to hear from you today?  What good thoughts can you share?  Just a simple word of thanks or a message telling someone you’re thinking about them might seem like a little gesture to you, but it could make a big difference for someone else. 

Below are a few ideas for sending encouragement:

  • Send a hand-written note or email to tell someone you appreciate them….spouse, parent, sibling, child, family member, friend, neighbor, church member, teacher, pastor, care-giver, carpool attendants, etc…
  • Send a hand-written note or email telling someone that you’ve been thinking about them.
  • Let someone know they did a good job.
  • Let someone know you prayed for them. 
  • Check on someone to see how they’re feeling or coping in a difficult situation.
  • Send good thoughts to someone preparing for a challenge. 
  • Brighten someone’s email with an onling greeting.  Go to www.dayspring.com   Click on FREE ECARDS at the top. 
  • Be a part of the Drive-Thru Difference encouraged by 91.9 radio.   For more info go to www.newlife919.com
  • Be a part of Prayer Works at www.newlife919.com

Remember the verse above, and whatever you do, do it today!  

Sending Sonshine on a rainy day.   🙂