Last weekend I went to our family farm in West Virginia for what would be my last visit with my 96-year old grandmother, Granny.  As I write this, we are losing her.  I’m home in Charlotte, not there with Granny, but I feel it.  I know it.  She is leaving us.

It breaks my heart to lose her, but I am so thankful to God for His mercy and grace.  Granny is not suffering from a terrible illness or condition.  It’s simply her time to go and the Lord is ready to receive her into His presence.  Praise be to God!

Granny is going on to a place more wonderful than we can imagine.  The Bible says in the New Jerusalem the lion will lie down with the lamb – there will be peace; there will be no pain or suffering; there will be no gates for there will be no need for them – there will only be good, no evil; there will be no sun or moon, for the radiance of the Lord will be so great!  Surely His presence is golden and warm.  Granny will be resurrected with a new body, no longer in a human body, but in a body like that of Christ. (These Biblical truths taken from Isaiah, Corinthians, and Revelation.) What more could I want for someone I love?  I am joyful for her that she is receiving this magnificent reward at the end of her well-deserving life.

I have committed my heart to Christ, so although it hurts to say goodbye to her on this earth, I have the comfort and assurance of knowing that one day I’ll be with her again in that wonderful place described above – the place the Bible calls heaven. 

Peace be with you, Granny.  I love you.