I spent the weekend with my 96-year old grandmother, Granny, who appears to be reaching the end of her days on this earth. We had a wonderful visit given our circumstances.  I should be sad.  I do feel heartbreak when I think about losing her, but when I think of Granny I feel joy for her and joy in the Lord.  For several years she’s said she is ready to go, and all she’s ever asked was that she be able to remain in her ‘home in the hills’.  Praise be to God, she’s been able to do that!  

My aunt and uncle moved in to take care of her, and my mother goes as often as she can to lend a hand, too.  Thanks to their love and care, Granny has been able to remain at home.  Now hospice has joined them to keep Granny as comfortable and well as possible.    God has indeed honored Granny’s hope and prayers – and ours, too. 

At 96 Granny’s mind and spirit are as sound as ever, but physically she’s winding down and getting weaker.  She is not suffering from any disease, illness, or injury.  Her discomforts are minor compared to problems she could otherwise have.  For that we are most thankful.  It appears that her time is coming, and it’s as it should be.