Following is a list of instructions the apostle Paul gives for Right Living, found in Romans, chapters 12-15


Give your bodies as a living sacrifice to the Lord.  (Every day ‘sacrifice’, or put aside your own desires, to pursue God’s desires for you.)

Don’t copy the ways of the world.  Be transformed by God.

Be honest in your estimate of yourself, basing your estimates on the amount of faith you have.

Don’t just say you love others – REALLY love them.

Hate what is wrong.

Take delight in honoring each other.

Never be lazy.

Serve enthusiastically.

Be glad for God’s plans for you.

Be patient in trouble.

Always be prayerful.

Help God’s children.

Host others.

Pray for those who persecute you.  Ask God to bless them.

Be happy for others.

Share other’s sadness.

Live in harmony.

Enjoy ordinary people.

Don’t act important.

Don’t pay back evil for evil.

Be honorable.

Live in peace.

Never avenge yourselves.

Feed your enemies.

Conquer evil by doing good.

Respect authority.

Pay taxes.

Pay your debts.

Live by the Golden Rule.

Shed evil and darkness.

Let Christ take control of you.

Accept weak Christians, and don’t argue with them.

Let the Lord condemn others.  It’s not your job.

Have your own convictions about your beliefs…eating, drinking, worship, etc.

Don’t do things that might make other Christians stumble in their faith.

Aim for harmony in the church.

Try to build each other up.

If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.

Live as Christ lived, as a servant to others.

Accept each other as Christ accepted you.

Be charitable to others, even to those who aren’t Christians, that Christ’s love might be shown to them.

Pray for each other in our struggles to serve God.