My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Mayan Riviera of Mexico, an area south of Cancun.  The trip was as wonderful as the name sounds.  We were with a group from the company he works for.  We enjoyed everyone we were with, and all the local people we met during our stay.  The resort was fabulous and the water was the bluest I’ve ever seen.  It was so blue it looked an enhanced photo, but it was real.  One afternoon we (the group) went out to sea on a Catamaran.  Fun!  Between the sky and the water, my eyes have never taken in so much blue at one time.   It was amazing.  We snorkled over the world’s 2nd longest coral reef, as determined by the famous diver Jaques Cousteau (sp?) who studied the reef and its marine life. 

We also toured Tulum, the site of ancient Mayan ruins dating back to 1000 BC.  A big thanks to Francisco who did a marvelous job sharing the history, culture, and stories of this impressive ancient civilization. 

What trip to the beach would be complete without walks on the beach?  My husband and I took walks together and I also took a long walk alone.  While walking alone I had time to think about the many things I’d seen and done during our visit to this area of Mexico.  I remembered the brain coral from the coral reef that Jaques Cousteau had dated as also beeing approximately 1000 years old.  Can you imagine looking at something that has been growing untouched for 1000 years?  We are such invaders of this earth – just here for a nano-second in relativity to span of time – and we do such damage while we’re here.  God created the earth first, THEN He created man.  At the end of each day of Creation, God paused to say, “This is good.”  (God, I have to tell You, Your world is better than good.  It’s amazing!)  I believe God is so loving that after creating an earth in which He felt everything was good, He had a desire to share it with beings who could return His love, so that’s why He created man.  He then entrusted us with His wonderful Creation by asking us to be stewards of the earth and all that’s in it.  (See the Creation story in Genesis.) 

I couldn’t help but praise God for this amazing world as I walked along the beach, my eyes taking in the brilliant blues that seemed to go on forever. 

Other sights that caught my eyes were the people on the beach, people who seemed to be from many other places around the world.  There were many precious children, and the adults came in every size, type and color.  I know because I saw much more of some of them than I wanted to see!  Not everyone subscribes to the “Modest is Hottest” theory (title of presentation by Shari Braendel of Proverbs 31 Ministries).  We saw people baring much more than they should have been!  Even if it wasn’t about modesty, it was about decency. You know what I mean?  As my husband put it, there were many people who had no business exposing all that they did out of respect to the rest of us on the beach…or did they?  After adjusting to the appearances of some of the beach-goers around me I admired their ability to be comfortable enough with themselves to just let it all hang out …and trust me…some of these people were really letting it all hang out!  It wasn’t always pretty!  But they were just lining in the skin they were in.  As opposed to me who took forever to find tankini suits that covered up all my problem areas and enhanced the areas that needed enhancement.  (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.) 

Yes, it takes all kinds, and we’re all God’s children.  Some even have the ability to love the bodies God created for them in open public ways. 

Dear God, Thank You for this wonderful world You created, and for allowing us to inhabit this earth, even if it’s just for a short while.  I will try to be mindful of ways I can take care of the earth and do what I can to preserve it for future generations.  Please help me to also be more appreciative of the body You’ve given me (within reason, of course)) and do my best to take care of it, too.  Lord, I thank you for the amazing beauty all around us everyday.  It was wonderful being on a warm, sunny beach,  but your beauty surrounds us wherever we are.  Even the apostle Paul stated that everyone has experienced God because everyone has experienced His creation.  Amen.