Did you see the tribute to Michael Jackson on the Grammy’s?  If so, did you see and hear the performance of The Earth Song?  It was amazing! The song and images from the video haven’t left my mind.  They’re haunting me in an inspiring and positive way.  

The Earth Song is a song Michael wrote expressing his concern for all the wrongs and injustices going on in the world today.  He addresses everything from the damage man is doing to the created things of this earth to social injustices against humanity itself.  It’s the most powerful song and video I’ve ever heard – literally.  I’ve never been moved by a song like this. 

Perhaps what moves and fascinates me most is the realization that Michael wrote this song to God.  Michael pours out his heart to God, much like David did in the Psalms of the Old Testament. Michael’s heart cries out from deep within  his soul when asking God about the killing of children.  He mentions God sending His only Son that we might have peace, and asks about the Holy Land and Abraham.  All the while, the song repeats, “What about us?”  He’s crying out to God about all the wrongs of the world, while also asking what it all means for us.  What will become of us?  What are we to do?  What can we do? 

Michael was a man of God, and seemingly a man to whom God gave a message to share – yes, like a modern day prophet.  What a shame he had to die before sharing his heart of faith with the world.  Did Satan win a battle and take Michael’s life before he could do God’s work?  Or did God feel that Michael’s message would be better served in his death than in his life?  Only God knows the answers to those questions.  Regardless, Michael Jackson left us with an amazing song that is having quite an impact on me. 

Two of Michael’s children accepted Michael’s achievement award from the Grammy’s.  His oldest child, Prince, began by thanking God for watching over them during the past seven months.  How wonderful it is that Michael’s being raised to know God, too.  May God continue to watch over them, and may they continue to look to God and give Him praise.

You can watch the Michael Jackson tribute and performance of the Earth Song by googling:  The Earth Song Grammys. 

After doing so, please take another few minutes to google:  The Earth Song with lyrics. 

It’s the orignal video, much more intense, but also more expressive, and more powerful when you can watch the video and read the lyrics at the same time.  I hope you’re inspired,  too!