I ran into a neighbor this weekend at our local Starbucks.  After saying hello he asked if I knew his mother had just passed away.  I hadn’t heard.  The pain of his loss was evident in his eyes.  I expressed my sympathy.  He said it was really hard (to deal with) because he’d lost 3 people in 4 months.  His twin sisters had died just weeks apart, then he lost his mother.  My heart went out to him.

Later that day my husband and I got to speak with our friend and his wife.  They told us that his mother had been a devout Catholic who pursued her faith until her death.  Her roommate, however, an alzheimers patient, was not a religious person – although she’d been a wonderful friend and roommate to his mother.  After the mother’s death, they told the roommate that her friend was gone.  When she learned of the death, this alzheimers patient paused and then began reciting one of the Catholic prayers of blessing.  Our friends and the nurses were amazed and said it was just beautiful.  Then the roommate left.  The stunned nurses told our friends this woman was not mentally capable of reciting something like that, and that it wasn’t ‘her’ speaking.  Our friends realized they’d been given a very special gift, through God’s presence in that woman.  They felt the mother letting them know she was ok and leaving them with a blessing. 

Shortly after this, the roommate returned.  They thanked her for the beautiful prayer.  “What prayer?!”, she asked as if they were the crazy ones.  She didn’t remember anything about it.  Yes, it must have been God.

Isn’t that a wonderful story?  My friends, God is with us, too.  He doesn’t always reveal Himself to us in situations like that, but He does make Himself known in many other ways.  Often He will later prove that He was indeed with us even if it didn’t seem so at the time.  Whether you are in a time of need, a time of uncertainty or unrest, or a time of peace and happiness, I pray God will make Himself known to you in awesome ways, too. 

God bless and keep you.