We had our orientation meeting yesterday for this year’s Disciple 1 Bible Study.  What a great group of women this will be!  I am very excited about our upcoming year of Bible study together.  Good things are in store for us!

Of course I was rushing to get out the door on time for our first meeting, making sure I had everything and that I was prepared.  As I drove away from the house I took a deep breath, put the rushing behind me, relaxed, and allowed myself to feel the excitement I had for orientation and the year of Bible study ahead of us.  “Yiippeeee!”, I thought as I drove along.  “Another year of Disicple study! Thank You, God, for not letting me cheat myself out of this experience!”  

At the end of last year’s study (back in May), I thought I’d be moving on from Disicple 1.  I didn’t know what I’d move on to, but a fabulous sister-friend expressed her desire to start leading Disicple 1, so I took that as God’s way of telling me it was time to move on.  I LOVE the Disciple 1 study, but have to admit that staying on top of it as the leader is a lot of work!  I was ready to ‘retire’ and be a participant in one of the other Disciple studies. I was quick to jump ship for an easier boat to sail!  It didn’t occur to me that God would need BOTH of us and that He wasn’t done with me yet!  So when I got a call mid-summer asking if I’d lead a second Disciple 1 group, my mouth said ‘yes’, but my head hoped someone else would be available to take it instead. 

A few days later, I sat down for a morning prayer.  As I did so I picked up my Bible and held it on my lap.  Looking down at it, holding it, and reflecting upon the many ways this very Book had changed my life, I began my conversation with God by thanking Him for the Bible, telling Him how precious it is to me (although I’m sure He already knew!), and remembering what a privilege it had been to share the Bible and its teachings with others.  I felt humbled that God would trust me to share His Book with others!  How fortunate I’ve been that He’s allowed me to set time aside in my life for seven years to continue doing this study!  I’d once prayed for that very thing!  Inspired by another Disciple leader who had taught Disciple 1 seven times, I told God I wanted to be like her. If it was His will, I wanted to do Disciple seven times, too.  In May, I completed my seventh year in Disciple study.  Thank You, Lord! 

 It was then He spoke to my heart to say, “Yes, it is a special thing to share the Bible with others, and it is a privilege to be called to do so, so don’t you want to lead Disciple 1 again?”   Of course, I did!  What had I been thinking?!    In that moment I became excited about having another year to do Disciple 1!  

I’m a self-proclaimed Word Nerd.  I LOVE reading and studying the Bible!  It’s fascinating on so many levels!  The Bible never stops speaking to me, teaching me, convicting me, motivating me, and inspiring me. It gives hope and healing, guidance and direction. It’s been an incredible tool for helping me reach out to others, share encouragements, and help others find their way in faith, too.  The Bible has also prepared me for various ministries I’ve been a part of.  All of these things have blessed me beyond measure.  How could I have been so willing to give up another opportunity to experience the Bible through Disicple 1 study again?

There are MANY fabulous studies out there.  Our church offeres many studies that I’d like to do.  How about you?  Does it interest you to do a Bible study?  If so, check around to see what’s available.  Check out church websites.  Talk to friends to see what they’re doing or what they’ve liked in the past.  Maybe God would like YOU to start a Bible study!  If you live in the Charlotte/Weddington area, maybe you’d like to join us in Disciple 1!  If so, contact me at ReneeMyers@carolina.rr.com or go to our church website at www.weddingtonchurch.org .

I’m no Bible expert.  I never will be.  But I’m a Bible brainiac wanna-be who’s thrilled to be back in the Word again!  I hope you’ll be getting into the Word, too! 

God bless you!