Well, we’re almost at the end of summer and I’ve done really well with my kids.  I haven’t turned into an ugly angry monster once with them!  One summer I totally lost my cool on just the second day of summer vacation!  The same isn’t true in regards to my husband, though.  Less than 24 hours after writing the post below stating that I’ll take my complaints and concerns to God BEFORE handling them on my own, I did just the opposite and got into a doozy of a ‘discussion’ with my husband.  😦 

Feeling worried about a conversation we’d just had, I went to him to share my worries and concerns.  I really should have prayed about them first. Doing so would have avoided a terrible argument.  I was kicking myself afterward.  Why hadn’t I done what I’d professed I would do? Why? Because I didn’t even think about it.  I reacted before stepping back to give prayerful thought my worries and concerns. 

The good news is that we were able to talk again later in the day and cleared things up. Having learned from my mistake earlier in the day, I approached him only AFTER spending reflective time in prayer (and sending up desperation pleas throughout the afternoon!).  God had mercy and my husband had compassion.  Praise!  And it’s a good thing, too, because the very next day I tested our relationship and my husband’s patience again when I had a minor fender-bender in a parking lot.  Oh, how I dreaded calling to tell him!  But he came to be with me while we waited for police and was very cool about everything. 

Nothing makes me feel worse than when my husband is upset with me.  And nothing feels better than when we’re getting along again!  Thank goodness, the bad times are few and the good times are many.

He will teach us in our ways, and we will walk in his paths.  – Isaiah 2:3 

Or at least, I’ll try!