Is there racial discrimination in the Bible?  To the best of my Biblical knowledge, the answer is ‘no’.  

In the ancient days of the Israelites, when God was trying to ‘raise’ the Israelites as his Holy people, there were numerous times when He instructed them to completely stay away from other tribes of people.  He forbid inter-marriage with people from other tribes and religions.  HOWEVER, He didn’t make these commands because of racial differences.  God commanded the Israelites to avoid those who were evil in their ways and/or who participated in pagan worship.  He was trying to keep His chosen people pure and not allow them to be influenced by those who worshiped idols or took part in evil and sinful behaviors. 

God’s protectiveness of the Israelites continued until they returned to Jerusalem after their time in exile.  While in exile, foreigners lived in their land.  When the Israelites returned to Jerusalem, God instructed them to live amongh the other peoples to be a light among them.  No longer were they being asked separate themselves from people of other tribes, countries, or religions.  Now they were to live among people of differences and share their Holy faith with them. 

This took place in the Old Testament before Jesus existed on earth.  I view God’s command for the Israelites to live among others so that they could be a light unto them as being the Old Testament version of the Great Commission. 

NOTE:  In the New Testament, Christians are commanded to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people, reaching out to the far corners of the world.  This command is called the Great Commission.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

Jesus sent His apostles to lead the way in the Great Commission.  I’m not aware of any situation where either Jesus or His apostles discriminated against who could/should receive the Good News. 

 Jesus, himself, walked among people of various nationalities and backgrounds. 

The Holy Spirit sent Philip to travel along a desert road where he met a man (a eunuch) from Ethiopia who was the Treasurer to the Queen of Ethiopia.  As the Ethiopian rode in his carriage, he was trying to read from the Book of Isaiah.  The Holy Spirit instructed Philip to walk alongside the carriage.  When he did so, Philip noticed the man reading scriptures.  Philip was able to help the man understand the verses he was reading and also shared the Good News about Jesus! The man was so inspired that he asked to be baptised along the side of the road where water was found.  (Acts 8:28-40)

Do you see what happened?  The Holy Spirit of God Almighty sent one of His believers to share the Good News with an influential man from Ethiopia.  Why?  1) Because the Good News is for EVERYONE (no racial discrimination), and 2) so that the Good News could be spread to the Ethiopian people (again, no racial discrimination).

I’m not a Bible expert.  I’m a Bible expert wanna-be, so PLEASE correct me if I’m mistaken in anything I’ve written here.