And we know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purposes for them.     – Romans 8:28

In my previous post I wrote about a big disappointment I experienced.  An untimely infection kept me from taking our sons back to Indiana to visit  grandparents and my husband’s sister and her family.  We were packed and excited about going, then had to cancel at the last minute.  I tried postponing our departure, but still couldn’t go. 

I trust there’s a reason why it was best that we didn’t go.  So far I don’t know what exactly that reason was, maybe I never will, but we made the best of our situation and I found unexpected blessings by the end  of the week.   Here are a few of those blessings:

1)  We had an unexpected stay-cation at home!  Since we’d planned to be out of town, we had 5 days at home with no appointments or commitments!  It was great to sleep as late as we wanted, have relaxed mornings, and spend each day as we pleased!

2) Since I’d done all the laundry getting ready for the trip, I had two days off from laundry when we stayed home!  Nice!

3) We got excellent rest and relaxation – more so than if we’d been busy visiting family.

4) We didn’t have to be away from my husband. He wasn’t going to be able to join us on the trip because of his work, and I was wishing he couldn’t travel with us.  Since we stayed home, we didn’t have to be apart after all!  (We might have affected his plans of staying home and getting caught up on work, though!  Oh, well!)

5) I cleaned out some drawers, spent time programming my new cell phone  (Btw…the Palm Pre is an awesome phone!), and taking care of other things that I’m usually too busy to do. 

6) I had long phone calls with some loved ones I hadn’t talked with for a while- something else I don’t usually have time to do. 

7) We saved lots of travel money!! 

8 ) Because I was trying to get well, I had to take it easy and give myself a much-appreciated break from busyness and physical exertion – no vacumming!   

9) My Dad said he and Carolyn would come see us since we couldn’t go see them!  That’s a HUGE blessing because he doesn’t want to travel anymore.  He hasn’t been here for over 5 years.  It will be WONDERFUL having them here.  We’d have only been able to see them for 1 day in Indiana, but they’ll have several days here.  They can visit the boys’ schools and go to their ball games.  I can cook for them and we can visit area restaurants, too.  This will be so much better.  Now I just have to keep praying that Dad will be able to travel.    SPECIAL FYI:  This is especially appreciated because I haven’t seen my Dad since Feb of 08.  It crushed me to know that I’d have to wait indefinitely to see him.  I wanted him to see the boys, too.  They’ve grown up so much since my Dad and his wife saw them.

10) I got to express to my Dad just how much I love him and miss him when I tearfully called to say we wouldn’t be coming.  I always tell him I love him when we talk, but this time the emotions were overflowing and he realized just how much he means to me. 

There were blessings in the bummer, indeed.  Probably most bummers have blessings, we just have to be aware of them.

Romans 8:28 is one of my favorite verses.  God played it out for me this past week.  And something tells me there were other blessings that weren’t apparent to me.  God is good!  That’s for sure!