Recently God did a really cool thing.  He put it on someone else’s heart to ask if I’d like to have a special friendship with her, one that would be a godly friendship for the sake of being mentors with each other and keeping each other accountable.  Now I have a new BFF – Best Friend in Faith! 

This all began when a friendly acquaintance from another church shared her excitement about changes God was bringing to her life.  She asked if I’d like to meet for lunch so she could tell me about them.  She was so excited that I was excited, too!  We met just a few days later for what would be a very special meeting. 

God was looking out for both of us when He brought us together.  My friend, still excited, began by asking what I was currently involved with.  I had to chuckle when she asked because that very morning God had conversed with me telling me that when people ask what I do, I need to tell them specifically, not just say that I’m active in the church and help at my son’s school.  I was instructed to share my involvements and was specifically instructed to tell people that I’m starting a mentoring program because it might be helpful to others to know.  “OK,” I  thought, “I’ll do that.”  It wasn’t even two hours later that my new friend was asking me what I do!  Remembering the conversation God had with me, I gave specific details and ended by telling her that I was developing a mentoring program. 

When I mentioned the mentoring program, her eyes got big and I think a light bulb appeared over her head.  She said she knew why God wanted her to meet with me and proceeded to tell me that she was seeking a mentoring-type friend.  I couldn’t believe it!  That was exactly what I needed, too!  We were dining in McAlister’s Deli.  I actually looked up to see if a bright ray of light was shining down on us because we were obviously having a God moment! 

We’ve now met three times and each meeting has been wonderful!  She discovered a book called “Conversations on Purpose” by Katie Brazelton.  It’s an excellent tool for guiding our discussions and leading us through self-discovery for the purpose of better serving God and others.  We’ve only completed the first conversation, and already it’s been enlightening for each of us! 

I have MANY awesome friends in my life who bless me in wonderful ways.  God has been so good to me.  My dearest friends is my husband and I love him the most.  However, there’s something really special about having a divinely appointed friend outside of marriage whose main purpose in friendship is to be a godly friend. 

Now I’m even more excited about the mentoring program we’ll present to our church in the fall now that I’ve experienced firsthand how wonderful these special relationships are!  You don’t have to be in a special program to find a mentor or accountability partner.  Pray about this and see if God brings someone to mind for YOU to invite to be this special friend.  I will be praying for God to do this for others as I continue to pray for His guidance in the program we’ll start soon. 

May God bless you with the gift of godly friendship!