What joy for the nation whose God is the LORD, whose people he has chosen as his inheritance.   – Psalm 33:12

Memorial Day:  A national American holiday set aside for the remembrance of soldiers who gave their life for our country

When you think of our great nation and the many lives lost to protect and defend it, do you think about WHAT they gave their lives to protect and defend?  Now, more than ever before, it’s imperative to recognize that for more than 200 years, American soldiers have given their lives to protect and defend freedoms and liberties birthed from a Christian heritage.  This country was founded to be a Christian nation! 

Author/researcher Wayne Haynie writes that in December of 1606 three small ships (The Susan Constant, The Godspeed, and The Discovery) set sail to establish a new colony in what is now known as the United States of America.  This voyage came 20 years after a former attempt commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I for main the purpose of aquiring resources to help finance the current war with Spain.  That attempt proved to be ill-fated when the entire colony disappeared without a trace.   In contrast, the crews who set sail in 1606 did so for the purpose of taking Chrisianity to a new land where freedoms of religion (within the Christian context) could be established.  Haynie writes of these times in great detail, noting the challenges of the long and uncomfortable voyage.  On April 26, 1607, land was sighted.  Rev. Robert Hunt requested the men to remain on board for a few days for “personal examination and reflection”.  Three days later the men went ashore, naming their landing sight Cape Henry.  Most important to note in this entire piece of history is that they did not go ashore to stake their claim with a flag for the rights of man. 

These courageous men staked the land they found with a seven-foot cross that had traveled with them from England to stake their claims for CHRIST, not man. 

Haynie reports the men knelt before the cross, recited prayers, and dedicated the land with the words of Rev. Robert Hunt that included this quote: 

“…from these very shores the Gospel shall go forth not only to this New World, but to the entire world.” 

 As we give rememrance to the many men and women who gave their lives to defend and protect the freedoms and liberties of our great nation, the United States of America, let us especially remember that these freedoms and liberties were based on the principles of Christianity, with this land being staked for CHRIST, not man.  

Just as Rev. Robert Hunt suggested the voyagers take a few days for personal examination and reflection, I suggest that we honor his memory by taking time to pray and reflect about what it means to be an American, and ask God to examine our souls that He might make known to us the ways we can continue to defend and uphold the Christian values and foundations so important to our nation today.          “Lord… be not far from every one of us.   – Acts 17:27