This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!   ~  Psalm 118:24

I changed my morning routine today.  Usually I get up early to shower and dress before starting my day, but today I decided to walk after both boys were off to school. This allowed me to postpone my shower until later.  Instead, I got up early to do my Bible study.  It was great!  Reading when my mind had just been refreshed by a good night’s sleep and before it got cluttered and distracted by events of my day, I read with such clarity!   And reading in the stillness of the early morning…it was as if it was just God and me there reading together. 

Later I checked my email.  An early morning message was there from a new sister-friend.  Her message began with a cheerful good morning and the words, “This is the day the Lord has made.”   “This is His day, indeed!”, my heart joyfully replied.

This is the WORLD the Lord has made.

After dropping my son off at school, I went to a nearby greenway to walk.  (The greenway is a paved and boardwalk path through preserved natural areas, provided by the city, that goes along a creek  for the designated purpose of being a place to walk, jog, run, stroll, ride a bike, etc.  It’s really nice!)  In the past I’ve walked with a friend, but today I walked alone and enjoyed the sounds of my self-imposed silence.  In the silence – being absence of noise – I began to hear a symphony of beautiful sounds, the sounds of nature.  Birds sang, chirped and called.  Dried leaves rustled gentlyand there were quick little rhythmic sounds of ‘crunching’ as critters and birds scampered about.  I could see fresh green colored spots dotted against the gray, cloudy sky where buds are forming on the trees, an affirmation that it’s spring I smell in the air. 

I was so blessed during this time!  As I watched the myriad of various birds, I reflected on how God created each of them.  Each was beatiful and special in its own way.  I remembered the Bible telling us that if God tends to the sparrow, He tends to us even more!  Furthermore, as wonderful as all the nature was around me, God created man to be above it all (Genessis – creation story), so we – you and I -are just as beautifully and wonderfully made as all the beautiful and wonderful things in nature!  (Psalm 139 tell us we’re fearfully and wonderfully made.) 

Just as I was giving thanks in my heart for the world around me, an older gentleman who’d been biking ahead of me pulled to the side of the boardwalk and stopped to gaze skyward.  What did he see, I wondered?  I looked up, too, and saw a beautiful woodpecker, but that wasn’t what the man was gazing at.  He’d spotted nests of herons way up high in distant trees.  He’d seen them fly overhead and then lower themselves down upon their nests to roost.  We were able to spot eight of them!  The wise older man surmised that they were nesting upon eggs.  He said we need to keep watch on them in the coming days.  Yes, it’s definitely spring in the air. 

Soon sprouting leaves will hide these marvelous sites from human view, so we must enjoy them while we can.

Then  I got to thinking about the leaves…God is amazing in that creation, too!  In regions where there are changes of seasons, trees sprout leaves for the warm seasons to provide much needed shade and habitat for woodland animals.  Then the trees lose their leaves for cooler seasons allowing the sun to radiate across the land for light and warmth.  Yet, in tropical regions, where the temps are warm all year, the leaves remain on trees all year, too.   I know that’s not a profound statement or observation, but it’s worthy of noting for praise to God, our Creator. 

From Bible study to a wonderful walk through nature.  I’ve sure enjoyed my time with God, and my day is just beginning!

If you’re ever in South Charlotte, be sure to allow yourself time to enjoy the greenway that starts at Rea Road and Bevington. I’ll leave prayers along the trail for you. 

Pray and make it a great day!  God bless you!