Hello, to all!  Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated my site.  I just returned from a trip with my husband to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  < < < BEAUTIFUL!!!

Our trip was wonderful!  We stayed in a beautiful resort hotel, along with 40 others from the company my husband works for.  This was their Sales Club trip.  My husband qualified for the trip in ’08 by meeting his sales quota.  What a wonderful reward this trip was!  We had 5-star service, two fun-filled day trips, a glorious day resting poolside in the sun, scrumptious meals, great friends, and the best part of all…time together just the two of us! 

We saw beautiful sunsets, took an open-air 4-wheel drive jeep trip into rural mountains, saw ‘Armadillo crossing’ signs, passed bulls grazing roadside, enjoyed wonderful Mexican, French, and American cuisine, took a boat ride to the former homesite of director, John Houston, and spent wonderful time with friends new and old.  I got to hold a large parrot and a small monkey.  That was fun!

The downside was that I came home with bites – bed bug bites, we think!  I also seem to have disturbed my digestive system and have a suspicious rash on my hip bone area.  Oh, well.  I was healthy and feeling fine on the trip.  That’s what matters! 

To the new friends I made on this trip:  It was so great meeing you!  I hope we’ll meet again! 

To my former friends:  It was wonderful seeing you! 

To all:  Let’s stay in touch!

God is so good.  I’m blessed to have the opportunity to explore such beautiful places in His creation and meet brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.  Mostly we were blessed to know that God was with us.

Christina, may God be with you and your church, blessing you and leading you in His ways. 

May God be present in your life, too, making Himself known in awesome ways!  God bless you!