Last week we had an awesome answer to prayer in our Bible study group!  We’d been praying for a group member’s mother who’d had surgery the week before.  After surgery we sent a card to let her know we were praying for her.  Each person signed the card and offered her individual encouragements.  It meant so much to her!  My friend’s mother doesn’t have a group of ‘prayer pals’ and seemed appreciative that we’d taken her in.  She later asked her daughter if we’d pray for her at our next Bible study meeting because she’d be having a follow-up doctor’s appointment.  We began class with prayer and asked for her mother to feel our prayers in a way that would make her feel better.

Shortly after our prayer, while we were still in Bible study, our friend got a call on her cell phone from her mother.  Our friend couldn’t wait to tell us what her mother had said!  Her mom had called to say that her appointment had gone well AND while she was at her appointment she felt warm, like we were praying for her. 

Was that not an answer to prayer?!  Was that not God bringing us together by the power of the Holy Spirit?! 

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”   ~ Mark 11:24