Having kids home for 8 days straight due to MLK Day, a snow day, sick days and a teacher work day + nagging aches and pains + the feeling that all I do is chase my tail when I clean the house + frustrations resulting from these things compiled = 1 grumpy me!  

I don’t like feeling grumpy.  Knowing that I’ve become grumpy makes me grumpier.  Yet I settled into my feelings of grumpiness because I felt entitled to feel that way.  It was wrong, though.  Grumpy feelings aren’t godly feelings. 

The Love Dare book challenges me to be kind.  Being grumpy isn’t being kind.  So, I resorted to just keeping to myself.  You know, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.  Yet still I know I exuded a grumpy mood.  Not good. 

We got into the car at 8:45 pm to pick up my older son from his youth group’s ski trip.  I was still grumpy.  The song playing on the radio was one of my favorites.  It says, “Let my life song sing to you…I want to sign my name at the end of this day, knowing that my heart was true…Let my life song sing to you…”   It got me.  Here it was, almost the end of the day, and I couldn’t sign my name to it knowing my ‘life song’ for God was a grumpy one!  Immediately I changed my outlook and my mood.   Then I said a silent prayer to God saying I was sorry to have let myself get into such a bad mood.   It’s amazing how just a simple choice to change made all the difference!   Everything was good from then on! 

Truth be told…I loved having my kids home all week unexpectedly.  The frustrations I felt came from getting behind on my tasks and commitments because they were home, not because of my kids.   And the frustrations about cleaning the house?  1) I need to start making sure the kids help keep up with their messes when they’re home.  2) I really didn’t mind cleaning.  I needed the exercise, but I was getting tired.  I  should have taken a break instead of pushing myself into frustration.    Lessons learned.  I’ll do better to manage my situations to prevent frustrations from building up. 

Before closing my eyes to go to sleep I was able to sign my name to the end of my day, happy and thankful for the many blessings it revealed.