Wow.  What a day this has been for our nation, the people of this nation, our nation’s future, and the world. 

If you’ve read previous postings of mine, you know I did not vote for Barak Obama.  However, I’m proud to see the day history was made when a man of color became President, and that America rejoiced together to see this happen!   I’m pleased to see the excitement and hope this man brings to so many and pray this tidal wave of excitement will carry into many good things for our country.  I pray that Mr. Obama will do well with the power he’ll find at his command.  Even men of steel can have feet of clay.  I pray his will be planted firmly in Christian values and that he will seek the Lord’s way over the world’s way.  I pray for God to work through Mr. Obama in powerful ways; that the works and efforts of this man will not only bring honor and  glory to the Lord, but also witness well for Him and bring others to Him. 

May the Lord watch over the President and his family, keeping them safe from harm and evil, and may the Lord’s grace and blessings be with us all.  God bless America.  Amen. 

My hope is for the man, and my trust is in the Lord.