After reading the Book of Esther this week, I reflected back to other people of the Old Testament (OT).   It occurred to me that there have been several key people of the OT who became Palace Dwellers. 

These are just off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts, so there might be others that my mind failed to recall. 

JOSEPH:  Sold by his jealous brothers into slavery, young Joseph found himself in Egypt.  God was with him and he soon found favor among his captors.  He was taken into the palace as a servant and eventually became the No. 2 guy to Pharoah, himself!  This palace position allowed him to move his entire family (Israelites) and their property away from a severe drought to be with him in Egypt.  This move preserved the Israelite people! 

MOSES:  Began as a Hebrew baby floating in a basket on the Nile River, discovered and taken by the Pharoah’s princess.  Was nursed by his mother and later raised in the Egyptian Pharoah’s palace.  Eventually became the deliverer who led the oppressed Israelites out of Egypt and into the Hands of God.  His time in the palace allowed him to see the oppression of his people, and later enabled him to approach the palace and Pharoah went sent back by God. 

DAVID:  Began as a shepherd boy anoninted by God to one day be King of the Israelites.  David  was taken into the palace as a young boy to soothe King Saul’s anxiety attacks with his harp music.  David still helped his father, but spent enough time in the palace that he became best friends with King Saul’s son, Jonathon.  That friendship saved David’s life, allowing him to grow up and become king as he’d been anointed to do.  David was a godly king, a man after God’s own heart, who ‘saved’ the Israelites by leading them to be godly people, too

ESTHER:  Her unusual beauty (I think she had poise and grace, too) gained her an invitation to the palace and the opportunity to become the new queen!   She was young and inexperienced.  Although treated royally, I’m sure she often wondered what she was doing there.  I’ve wondered if she longed for home and family.  The Bible doesn’t talk about that so we don’t know.  What we do know is that Esther’s life in the palace allowed her access to the king.  She was not only beautiful, but brave and wise, and used her qood qualities and favor with the king to save her Hebrew people from severe prosecution, risking her own life in an attempt to save her people. 

Look again at the peole listed above.  What do they have in common?   How did they begin?  From their beginnings, would you have guessed that they’d live in a palace someday?   How was God able to use them?  What impact did they have on the Israelite people? 

Lessons you can learn from their stories?  A lesson I learned is that we may find ourselves in unexpected, difficult, and even dangerous situations.  Things might not make sense to us, and we might not like where we find ourselves, but we must remember to trust that we’re there because God has a reason for us to be.  He has plans for us.  We must do our best in whatever situations we find ourselves because just might be working through us to accomplish great things!   That’s not just palace living.  That’s Kingdom living! 

God bless you as you find your place in the Kingdom!