My personal prayer request recently was that I’d be a better wife for my husband.  I’m not a bad wife, but I’m not as good as I could be and not as good as he deserves. 

The Bible is clear that I’m to honor my husband. That goes beyond just loving him.  My thoughts, words and actions need to honor him!  I honor him in my heart and thoughts (most of the time anyway!), but sometimes my words, tone, and attitudes speak otherwise.  I give the best of myself to those I meet or speak with in the course of the day, but my husband often just gets what left of me at the end of my day. 

In my heart and head it’s God first, husband second, children third, and then all else…, so why do I often put others before him and only give him what’s left? 

Someone shared recently that a Christian study they’d done on marriage said women want to be loved.  Men want to be respected. 

Hmm…So how can I honor him?  What can I do to show respect?  How do I make our marriage  better by making it more godly? 

Overall, we have a very good marriage!  Praise!  We’ve been married 17 years and I love him more now than ever.  That’s why I want to do something special for him for Christmas.  I’ve decided to give him a new wife for Christmas !  I’ll be taking the challenges of “The Love Dare” book!   This book came out in conjunction with the movie Fireproof, a Christian movie about marriage.  What I understand is that  The Love Dare is a book of daily devotions that gives daily dares (challenges) based on Biblical teaching for spouses to improve their marriages.  I have no idea what I’m getting myself into.  I was afraid that if I flipped through the pages and saw some of the dares, I might chicken out.  However, I did just read the first page and it says that this commitment is not to be taken lightly and that those who quit early will forfeit the greatest benefits.  That’s cool.  I’m good with that.  So, having no idea what will be asked of me or what personal challenges I’ll face…here I go!   

Dear Lord, Please bless my efforts to give this gift of love to my husband, devoting myself to 40 days of improving myself as his wife.  May the results not only be pleasing to him, but also to You.  Amen.

Is anyone else doing Love Dare?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!  You can respond to this site by clicking on the word ‘comment’ by the title of this post, or send me an email to   

Would you like to join me?  We”ll do this together!  I got my copy at LifeWay, our local Christian store. 

God bless you and your marriages, too!