This was just too sweet not to share. 

One of my friends brings her preschool-age daughter to our weekly prayer meetings.  Each week the little girl is as good as gold and  plays quietly while we talk about prayer concerns and then lift them to the Lord in prayer.  I often wonder what she’s taking in, how she sees things from her young perspective, and what influence these prayer times might have on her in the future.  She’s a shy little girl, so she doesn’t share much with us about what she’s thinking, but today she shared something that really touched my heart.

While others are praying, I quietly take notes of the praises and prayers expressed by writing them in my notebook.  Then when it’s my turn to pray I bow my head and close my eyes.  While I prayed this morning with my pen down and eyes closed, I could hear our little friend busily working with crayons and paper.  When we finished praying we got to see the beautiful masterpiece that she’d been working on.   It was a piece of paper with lots of letters written all over it in different crayon colors.  She was too shy to speak to us so she had her mother tell us that she’d been taking notes of the prayer requests, too!  I can’t tell you how precious that was! 

Blessed are the children, indeed, and blessed was my heart by this sweet, little child.