Did you have a happy Thanksgiving?  We sure did.  It was just the four of us, here at home.  Thanksgiving Day was perfect.  It was a beautiful fall day here.  We ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at the clubhouse, then I also fixed a turkey breast in the crock pot with a few easy sides so we had ‘leftovers’ to munch on throughout the weekend.  A neighbor surprised us by bringing 3 pies over, so we had plenty of desserts! 

We spent the day relaxing and taking it easy.  They guys watched lots of football.  We enjoyed the ‘leftovers’ for supper, and later went to bed, resting up for…

The day after Thanksgiving when our Christmas decorating began!  What a busy day it was at our house.  My husband and sons got AAAAAALLLLLLLLL the decorations down from the attic.  We have A LOT so it ‘s a big job!  While they carried boxes down, I went around removing all the fall decorations and clearing tables and shelves to make room for the Christmas decorations.  This requires quite a bit of cleaning, too!  The guys spent the day outside getting the grounds all decorated with lighted candy canes, decorative big bulbs outlining part of the yard, festive light-up Christmans figures, and a few inflatable decos, too.  It probabaly sounds like too much, but honestly it’s all tastefully done and is so much fun. 

I spent the day inside putting up two trees, putting miscellaneous decorations around.  Of course, we ate well throughout this day, too!  Because it’s always so warm here in Charlotte when we decorate, we’ve given up the tradition of having hot chocolate, fudge, cookies, etc. and now go out for smoothies, instead.  So we did that about 3:00, then they boys came in and helped me decorate the main Christmas tree.  Then they went to work setting up their collections.  My older son collects nutcrackers and my younger son collects Santas.  Rex completed all the ‘ground’ lights outside.  That was enough to call it a day!

Day 2:  Rex got a break from finishing the outdoor lights because it was a rainy day.  He likes to outline the house with lights – roof lines and all!   It wasn’t raining inside, though, so I continued with my work.  By the end of the day almost all of the inside decorations were done, including my snow ‘buddies’ collection (snowmen) that I put in the kitchen.  That’s where the second big Christmas tree is…between kitchen and family room.  It’s a 6′ white tree that I dress up like a snowman!  He’s always so cute! 

Day 3:  Thank goodness for the rest of the Sabbath Day!  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was too overdone to go to church (back problems and sinus/allergy).  I stayed home and prayed and read the Psalms for my Bible study while my husband and sons went to church.  <<< God bless them!  It was another cold rainy day, so we stayed in and took it easy.  The guys watched more football and later the boys and I played games. 

It’s been a great break.  We stayed home as a family, didn’t have other kids over, didn’t go places, and just enjoyed being home together.  It must have been a good break for the boys, too, because they got to spend lots of time in pj’s and comfy clothes, had plenty of good stuff to eat and snack on, and never once did anyone say they were bored.  🙂

Now it’s December 1st, the house is all decorated (well, almost) and we’re ready to start celebrating Christmas! 

Dear God, Thank You for such a wonderful holiday time with my family.  We’ve been so busy lately with sports schedules and so much going here-and-there.  It was really nice staying home, just the four of us, to enjoy being with each other and thinking about the many things for which we are thankful.  It’s great to start the season of Christmas with a season of Thanksgiving.  I’m most thankful for You, my family, loved ones and friends.  And thank You for the many blessings You’ve bestowed upon us.  Now, as we proceed into Christmas, we give special thanks for the birth of Your son, Jesus Christ, sent to this world to be a light of salvation to all, and in Whom forgiveness is given for all our sins.  Thank You for a wonderful Thanksgiving, and may Christmas be a time for thanks AND giving in ways that bless and bring joy to You.  In Jesus precious name I pray.  Amen.