Thank You, God, for being there in our day today. 

Today was the day of final cuts for our middle school’s basketball team.  My son was very hopeful going into tryouts.  He’d made the football team, is in the best shape he’s ever been in, is one of the tall guys, and basketball is his best sport.  However, he wasn’t chosen for the team.  

I ran into a friend this morning whose son was also trying out.  She said she was nervous about tryouts and that her son was, too.  He wanted her to pray with him before school.  She prayed for God’s will to be done, and asked that those who would make the team be the ones God chose; and for it to be because He had other plans and purposes for those who didn’t make the team. 

I liked the perspectives she shared.  I’d been asking God to help my son do his best, but hadn’t stretched my thoughts to consider the big picture as my friend had done.  So throughout the day I prayed for our sons, asking that if it was God’s will for them to be on the team for whatever His plans and purposes were for them, that He would help them do their best; and that if they didn’t make the team, then it would be because He has other plans and purposes for them.  Many times I asked for God to help them do their best if He wanted them to make the team.

My son’s friend made the team, but as I said before, my son did not.  We were so proud of how well he responded.  After seeing that his name was not posted, he turned back to us to let us know he didn’t make the team, gave a fist bump to his friend who did make the team, then proceded to congratulate his friends who did make the cut.  I’m sure our son was disappointed, but he wasn’t upset.  I, however, was sick at my stomach.  That feeling didn’t last long, though, because God made Himself evident very quickly.

Remember how I said I asked God to help them do their best if they were meant to make the team?  Well, the first thing my son said as we walked out of the gym was that he didn’t play well today.  We asked what had been wrong.  He said it just wasn’t his day.  I was assured then that the outcome was of the Lord.  I didn’t just feel better.  I actually felt joy in the Lord.  Even though the outcome wasn’t what we’d hoped it would be, God was looking out for our son, and that’s the best outcome I could hope or pray for. 

This is a disappointment, but still a situation for which I can truly give thanks. 

Dear God, Thank You for being with me/us in this day.  Thank You for the godly perspectives of my friend.  And thank You for stepping in to do what You know is best for our son.  Please help us to use this season as a time to pursue other activiites that will help our son improve his fitness, work on skills, and prepare him for next year year’s tryouts.  Please continue to watch over him and guide him/us along as we seek to do what’s best for him and most pleasing to You.  And, Lord, I also pray for all who did make the team, that they will be healthy and well throughout this season and for You to be with them in their endeavors, too.   In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.