The Book of Isaiah is from the Old Testament of the Bible.  Isaiah was a prophet.  Prophets were those whom God called to give His messages to His chosen people. 

Early in the Old Testament, God called the Israelites to be His chosen people to be holy, righteous, and a light to the pagan/evil people around them.  God proved His power and might to them time and time again.  He blessed them when they were obedient to His laws, and allowed punishment when they ‘became evil in His sight’ by worshiping idols instead of Him, putting their trust in ‘man’ and not having faith in Him to provide for their needs.  By this time the people were ruled by kings and often battled other nations.  When the Israelites were under the rule of godly kings, they were given victories and prospered.  When they were ruled by evil kings and followed the sinful ways of these kings, God allowed them to be defeated.  Often the people were too caught up in themselves to make the connection of blessings for good behavior and punishment for bad behavior. 

God wanted so much for the Israelites to turn to Him and turn away from their evil practices!  Time and time again He sent prophets to the kings and Israelite people to warn them of impending punishment if they continued with their sinful ways.  Time and time again the people ignored the messages of the prophets.  Eventually God enacted the consequences He’d warned about.  The Israelites were taken into captivity by their enemies. (Israel fell to the Assyrians.  Judah was taken by Babylonians). 

Their time in captivity was long and tough, but God was always there with them.  He could have banished them from His favor, but as any loving Father would do, He wisely used their punishment to bring them around to right living and proved His ever faithful love to them.

In the Book of Isaiah, chapter 40, Isaiah the prophet is giving God’s message to those in captivity, and this is a summary of the comforting and reassuring words he says (shared in my paraphrase):

Comfort, O comfort my people…’Tho the grass withers and the flowers fade, the Word of God lasts forever.  The Sovereign Lord iscoming!  He’ll rule with awesome strength, bring rewards, carry His lambs close to His heart, and gently lead the mother with her young. 

Do not be afraid to shout this good news!  God is so great!  He held the oceans in His hands, measured the heavens with His fingers, and knows the weight of the world.  He is so wise that no one is wiser to advise the Spirit of the Lord.  No one compares to Him!  Can God be compared to inanimate idols that can’t even hold themselves up?  Even God Himself asks, “To whom can I be compared?  Who is my equal?”

God called the stars by name and counts them to make sure none are lost. 

This is our everlasting God!  Our Creator!  He never weakens or grows weary.  None of us can comprehend the depth of His righteousness. It is this powerful and mighty God who sees us and hears us!  He gives us strength when we feel weak and empowers us when we are tired and worn out.  Yes, “Those who wait upon the LORD will find new strength.  They will fly high like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not faint.”   – Isaiah 40:31

Please read those passages again (either paraphrase above or from your own Bible) and read them as if God is saying them to YOU.  

The same powerful God described by Isaiah is the same powerful God who is there for us today!  And don’t we need Him?  As I write this post, I am praying that you will find strength, confidence, hope, and be full of praise for your LORD when you read those verses!   Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, our everfaithful, ever loving God and Heavenly Father, is there to comfort and deliver you, too.  Praise be to God!  And God bless you.