The good person is generous and lends lavishly…   – Psalm 112:5

My friend, Charissa, did a great thing.  A while back she took in two puppies from an animal shelter because their days were about to end.  She was sure she could find homes for them, but no one took them.  Charissa kept them, loved them, HOUSE TRAINED them, and took care of them, then offered them up for adoption again hoping to find homes for the dogs by Christmas. 

Both dogs now have new homes to live in and families to love them, thanks to Charissa’s wonderful heart to rescue them and prepare them for other owners by training them through their puppy stages.   Praise! 

One of the dogs, Rainey, was taken in by friends of ours who recently had to put their family dog to sleep.  I met Rainey this morning when my friend, Laura, and I met to walk.  Rainey is a precious little, shaggy dog!  So cute!  Laura says Rainey is so sweet and good.  I know Rainey will be the perfect dog for their family, and  they will be the perfect family for Rainey.

Thanks to Charissa’s tender, loving, and wonderful heart, she gave the gift of life to two great little puppies and the gift of joy to two families.  As I told Charissa, it feels like Christmas already!  Praise for people like Charissa/her family and Laura/her family who have the generosity to open their hearts and homes to animals in need. 

Thank you, Charissa, for showing us what selfless love and giving is all about before the Christmas season even begins.  I know God is smiling above. 

“It’s not difficult to make an impact on your world.  All you really have to do is put the needs of others ahead of your own.  You can make a difference with a little time and a big heart. ”   – James Dobson

A prayer for generosity…Dear Lord, You have been so generous to me, yet I don’t always show generosity to others as You have shown to me.  Help me to learn from people like Charissa how to be generous of my time and heart so that I, too, might share Your gifts with others.  And thank You, Lord, for people like Charissa and Laura’s family who have a special place in their hearts for the furry little friends You give us.  May Charissa and those like her be blessed in special ways for the blessings they’ve shared with others in ways that bring glory to You and goodness in Your holy name.  Amen.