In the post below, I mentioned hearing Maya Angelou talking about her latest book, “Letter to my Daughter”.  I bought it today and can’t wait to start reading it!  

Ms. Angelou never had her own birth daughter(s), but out of the love of her spiritually mothering heart she wrote this book to reach out to women everywhere – of all races, sizes, shapes and ages – because she considers us all her daughters.  How touching it was to read the first few words, “Dear Daughter,…”

This appears to be a ‘topical’ book, with chapters given topical names like Home, Giving Birth, To Tell the Truth, Violence, National Spirit, Poetry (this book contains some of her poems!), and Keep the Faith, just to name a few.  I especially like the title of the last chapter.  I might have to start there first! 

This is my Christmas gift to myself.  Yes, I agree that it’s too early to start celebrating Christmas (I’m a firm believer in celebrating Thanksgiving first), but I just couldn’t wait to get her book! 

FYI:  Borders is currently selling “Letter to my Daughter” for 30% off!  It would make a great gift for others, too! 

I just had a thought…Ms. Angelou lives somewhere here in North Carolina. I wonder if we could get her to come speak to us!  Oh, what an honor and inspirational time that would be!!!   For a review about this book go to, Sept post. 

God bless you!  – Renee