1) Maya Angelou was on tv today.  She is SO amazing.  I found myself hanging on her every word.  Everything she said was inspirational.  If you’d like to be inspired by her, too, then treat yourself to a gift for your soul and get yourself her new book.  It’s dedicated to her daughters…but she only has sons.  Her daughters are you and me, and women everywhere.   She said she was reading through messages she’d written to others through the years and thought that other women might benefit from them, too, so she gathered them into this book.  I know what my Christmas gift for myself will be this year! 

2)  I also saw the story of a woman who took her children to the playground one day and noticed a girl in a wheelchair watching from outside the playground.  The playground was completely inaccessible for this child and the woman felt badly for her.  The very next week, her baby son was diagnosed with an illness that would be terminal.  Hospice suggested that she and her husband think of a way to commerate the boy’s life with something lasting that would make a difference for others.  She remembered the little girl she’d seen at the playground and decided to have a playground built in her son’s name that would be totally accessible to children of all special needs.  There were none in existence, so it took a lot of planning with professionals and people with special needs.  It also took a lot of donations and assistance from the community.  Her determination payed off.  Today there’s an amazing playground that welcomes everyone to come and play.  They even showed a mom in a wheelchair who’d never been able to play with her ‘regular’ child on a playground because she couldn’t get her wheelchair through the mulch and sand of other playgrounds.  She could join her son on this playground and even push him on his swing!  (We take so much for granted, don’t we?) 

This playground has become a model for other playgrounds and a springboard of ideas for new ways to accomodate people with special needs. 

What a great story this is!  A woman acknowledged a tug on her heart to do something to make things better for someone else (someone she never even met!).  Even when struggling with the loss of her baby boy, she was determined to see her desires come to fruition.  Now countless others have benefited in ways beyond her greatest hopes. 

What desires are on your heart?  Getting back to Maya Angelou, one of the things she said was, “When you do something good for one, you do something good for everyone.”  (I hope I quoted that properly!)

God bless you.