In keeping with the ‘Be Thankful’ theme for this month…

The same Lord is the Lord of all and gives many blessings to all who trust in Him.  – Romans 10:12

I LOVE the fall, and today is a gorgeous fall day here in Charlotte, NC!  The trees are absolutely brilliant in color, there’s lots of ‘Carolina blue’ sky, and the air is warm, but nice and crisp.  My friend, Laura, and I met to walk this morning and our walk was just what I needed!  We tried out the new greenway path that recently opened adjacent to our neighborhood!  I’m so thankful that the city preserved all this natural space that runs right through city limits to give us such a wonderful place to walk!  Every once and a while we’d hear sounds of traffic in the distance, but otherwise we were just immersed in the beauty of nature in all its autumn splendor all around us. 

It was great getting out to enjoy the world around me.  It was great getting out to exercise.  And it was great spending dedicated, uninterrupted time with a friend. 

I’ve had a couple of weeks in which I’ve been getting more and more behind, barely keeping up with the asolutely necessary things, and having to keep a running list of everything else that I need to get back to.  Sometimes it’s as if everyone else’s needs have to come first and it crowds my needs out.  I love most of the things I do, but I’m a person that needs time and space to myself for balance and I haven’t had much of that lately.  Today’s walk was just what I needed!. 

I have God to thank for all this, and my friend Laura who asked me to start walking with her.  So to God and my friend, Laura…Thanks!  I needed that!

Today I’m thankful for the beauty of autumn, the wonderful walk that started my day, and special friendships. 

How about you?  What are YOU thankful for today?