When Saul returned to his home at Gibeah, a band of men whose hearts God had touched became his constant companions.   – 1 Samuel 10:26

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a group of girlfriends who were such close sister-friends that they spent Saturday afternoon together at our church’s Ladies Tea to support one of their own, the featured speaker for the event.  They had scheduled their afternoons away from their own families, making arrangements for their kids while they were away, so they could be there to support their friend at her speaking engagement.  I was really touched by that. 

It was when I met the speaker, Vicky Gray, after the event that I met the ladies who had come with her.  Some were friends of mine from church, another was a friend I knew from previous involvements with our sons, another was Renee Swope of Proverbs 31 Ministries (I was so excited to meet her!), and the others were really cool women that I’d love to have as sister-friends, too! In fact, they were so nice and friendly, that as we spoke I didn’t feel like an outsider with them.  I left feeling like I had made new sister-friends of my own!

The greatest thing about this group of women, though, wasn’t the friendship they shared, but the literal sister-ship they shared.  You see, they were godly girlfriends.  This became apparent to me in our conversation when Megan mentioned the difference between conversations with other people from the those she has with this group of friends is that this group keeps things godly.  They’re real with each other, encouraging and helping each other along not just as friends, but as sisters in Christ.  As Vicky said, they don’t just “tickle each other’s ears”. 

The verse above tells us that God appointed that same type of friendship and bonding for Saul (of the Old Testament) after he was appointed to be king of the Israelites.  Saul was new to the whole God-thing and had no clue about being a king.  God wanted to help him be upright, rigtheous, and a proper leader for His chosen people, so he put it on the hearts of others to become his constant companions.  The verse goes on to say that there were others whose influences weren’t godly, and Saul ignored them.  

My friends, you and I are much like Saul.  We have to meet the demands of our ‘titles’ in life, and no matter how long you’ve been pursuing a life of faith, we’re all new to the God-thing, as new things happen every day.  And, like Saul, God wants us to be upright, righteous, and a proper leader for His people around us.  Even though walking with Christ can be amazing and more wonderful than words can describe, it can also challenging.  Temptations are all around us, and so are those who want to influence us in not-so-godly ways. 

We all need a group of people around us whose hearts have been touched by God like those who became Saul’s constant companions.  We need fellow Christians who will come alongside us and help us along.  Who will keep things real and not just “tickle our ears”, friends who will help us to live as the Bible teaches. 

Do you have freinds like that in your life?  If not, please check into local Bible studies and church-sponsored groups.  If you have Christian friends who are part of a godly girlfriend (or Bible brothers) group, ask if you could be a part of it, too. Or start your own group!  Most of the women I mentioned above live in the same neighborhood.  (I know where I want to move!).  Start a Bible study or other type of Christ-based activity or group. 

 I’m so blessed to know many wonderful Christian women and men who have grown with me through Disciple Bible study or become my friend through other involvements.  We pray for each other, help each other when needed, love and encourage each other.  Would they spend their Saturday afternoons away from their families to go with me to a speaking engagement?  I don’t know.  I’d love for them to!  But I do know they are special and dear to me because they are my godly-girlfriends and brothers in Christ.  Praise be to God!