This has been a great day!  The women of our church hosted A Tea of Thanksgiving this afternoon.  It was such a great time! 

Individuals volunteered to decorate and/or host a table.  The tables were fabulous!  We have so many talented women with a true gift of flare for decorating tables!  I did a table, too, but must admit that I’m more of a table ‘setter’ than a table decorator.  (ha ha)  I wasn’t sure who would be joining me at my table, and was excited to host a wonderful group of friends. 

It was a treat to host Joy McGuire, who heads up With Love From Jesus, a ministry I’ve written about in previous posts, and our mutual friend Jennifer, and other dear friends Barbara, Michelle, Alex and Anita. 

 I don’t get to see Joy often, but we keep up through email.  If you want to be blessed in your day or have a renewed sense of gratitude, let me know and I’ll share Joy’s updates with you.  Joy is many things to many people, all by the Lord’s provision.  She spoke to give an update for her ministry.  I’m sure everyone there was inspired, touched or moved in some way after her sharing.

The keynote speaker was Vicky Gray.  Her husband is a former NFL player.  He left football to go into ministry.  Together they formed One Heart at a Time.  Vicky blessed us by sharing her journey to faith about finding the true source of peace and joy. 

Afterward I got to meet Vicky and some of the friends who were with her.  What a wonderful group of women! It excites me so much to know there are so many people out there doing God’s work and trying to live godly lives!  I was wondering if Vicky knew about the Proverbs 31 ministry.  Evidently she does because one of the friends she had with her was Renee Swope, one of the radio voices, speakers, and executive team members for Proverbs 31 ministries.  Vicky had come with close friends who pray with each other and help each other along their walks with the Lord.  It was great to see women so supportive of each other that they’d attend Vicky’s speaking engagement with her! 

I also enjoyed having time to catch up with friends – especially those I don’t get to see often.  KaryAnn, it was escpecially great seeing you today!  Thanks again for packing up my table stuff!  I owe you one.  🙂 

This day was great because it was so prayed for! If you want to hold a successful event, pray and pray about it!  Commit your work to the Lord, and it will succeed.  – Proverbs 16:4 The Lord was surely with us, blessing this event in many ways that only He will know.

My thanks go out to Laura B and all who helped make the Ladies Tea possible.  May God’s blessings be in abudance for you in return for all you’ve done to make this such a spirit-filled and spirit-led event.