PREFACE:  The following post is about my thoughts for the upcoming election.  I don’t know know who God favors or what He wants, but I know what He expects of me.  He expects me to uphold my Christian beliefs and to help and encourage others to do the same.  I don’t expect others to share my viewpoints, but I do hope the following will prompt others to examine their own Christian beliefs and issues of morality, then consider if their candidate supports their same views and issues.  I pray that God will be with us as we choose our nation’s leader; that we, as a nation, will conduct ourselves so that God will continue to favor and bless us; and I pray that He will work closely with whoever is elected. 

Where I Stand.  This election isn’t about political parties for me.  It goes way beyond that.  I’m not casting my vote based on party affiliaiton, but instead upon my Christian affiliation.  I’m casting my votes for the candidates who I feel are most likely to uphold Biblical teaching and lead our nation based on godly principles. 

This land is YOUR land (the Lord’s land). We are a nation birthed from the desire to be a holy nation of the Lord’s.  Those who first arrived to stake claim for this land did so with a cross, not a flag.  This land was to be one nation under God from the very beginning! 

Countless lives have been lost in dedication to preserving our nation and its founding principles, to fight for the freedoms and rights afforded by our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  I  want a President who will honor all who went before him/her to make their candidacy possible.  I want a President who will honor and respect those now serving to fight terrorism because he/she will be a President who will also respect and support those who will serve in the future, soldiers who will be dedicated to preserve our nation and its Christian roots and heritage.

God is pro-life. The first pages of the Bible begin with God creating life on this earth, and then God bringing man into living existence by breathing His own breath into man.  He commands that we shall not kill. It is not right to take the life of another human being.  Early in Genesis He punishes Cane for killing his brother.  God even punishes David, the man claimed to be after God’s own heart, for arranging for the death of one of his soldiers.  I will not vote for a Presidential candidate who supports pre-term abortion, the killing of a fetus by damaging and forcefully removing the brains of the fetus. 

History I’m not an expert on the Bible, but one thing I’ve learned is that it’s an amazing Book of history.  When God’s people chose godly leaders, God was with them to lead and protect them.  When they turned their backs on God by electing and supporting ungodly leaders, God turned his back on them for a time to let them suffer from their own actions.  I don’t want this to happen to us!

Money Money Money My husband works hard and long hours to make a good living for us.  He wants to provide a good home and future education for our children.  He wants us to be able to retire and continue to enjoy a good life.  So we do our best to be good stewards of the opportunities and financial blessings we recieve.  The Bible says we’re blessed to be a blessing.  My husband and I believe that and do our best to live accordingly.  My husband is generous in giving.  We help where our hearts feel led to help.   When it comes to money and helping others, we want to answer to God, not the government. 

Obama’s plan for taxes makes me think of the analogy where you can toss a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach him to fish and he eats for life.  There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in our country.  Approve off-shore drilling, for example, and not only can we alleviate pain at the pump, but we can also employ many people who need money!  There are also highways that need to made and many other jobs that could be offered to those who would benefit more from a hand up than a hand out. 

Candidate’s histories:  The history of our candidates can be an indicator of their futures in office. 

Does your candidate have a history of voting for and supporting moral issues in godly ways?  If not, are you ok with that? 

How does your candidate feel about same-sex marriages?  Abortion? 

Has he voted for or against conservative judges? 

Will those he associates himself with uphold the moral teachings of the Bible, or lead us into laws and bills that further degrade the declining presence of Christianity in our country? 

My vote will be for McCain, a man of morality, integrity, and proven dedication to our nation and those who have gone before us in service, and those who are currently serving to protect and defend us.  He won’t be perfect, but he will be proud to fly the American flag and to lead us with a moral compass, protecting lives, and lifting others up, not giving hand-outs.   

Natalie Grant has a song out called, “I Will Not Be Moved”. It includes the words from a well-known hymn…”On Christ the solid rock I stand.  All other ground is sinking sand.  I will not be moved!” 

 We, as Christians and people of God, need to think carefully about where we stand and resolve not to be moved on moral issues.  Above are the issues that are determinants for me.  What concerns you?  Who, based on your godly principles, will you vote for?