Then the LORD told Moses to give these instructions to the Israelites:  When you arrive in the land I’m giving you and you harvest your first crops, bring the priest some grain from the first portion of your grain harvest…From wherever you live, bring…an offering to the LORD from the first of your crops…Do not eat on that day until after you have brought this offering to your God…These (offerings) will be given to the LORD…and will be pleasing to him.

When you harvest the crops of your land, do not harvest the grain along the edges of your fields, and do not pick up what the harvesters drop.  Leave it for the poor and the foreginers living among you.  I, the LORD, am your God.         – Leviticus 23:1-22

Dear Friends, 

In the scripture above, God was instructing His earliest chosen people on how to observe the Festival of First Fruits and the Festival of Harvest.  He wanted to teach them how to worship and give thanks to Him for the blessings He had bestowed upon them.   He instructed them to give the FIRST of their fruits, not what was leftover, and to give of their best.  He said they weren’t to feed themselves until they’d made their offering to the LORD.   God also instructed them to save some of what they had to share with the poor and ‘foreign’ among them. 

Well, my friends, the time to celebrate the Harvest is now, and local food banks are in great need.  Please consider making an offering to the Lord to celebrate the Festival of Harvest in your life by donating much needed food to the ‘poor and foreigners living among you’.

Joy McGuire, who runs With Love From Jesus, is in great need of food to help those who come to her for help.  She would greatly appreciate any donations you could make or food drives you might hold on her behalf.  GIFT CARDS FOR ALDI WOULD ALSO BE HELPFUL.  You can take donations any time to the physical address below.  Joy’s contact info is as follows:

With Love From Jesus – Joy McGuire

Physical address:   5226 Indian Trail – Fairview Road,    Indian Trail, NC 28079

Mailing Address:   P O Box 612,    Indian Trail, NC 28079

Joy’s cell:   704-635-0229

 If you wold like more information about Joy and her ministry, please send an email to me at  In return, I’ll forward an email to you from Joy stating her ministry’s greatest needs. 

God bless you.