In our Bible study discussion today, one of the ladies brought up ‘omission vs commission’.  I hadn’t heard that phrase before.  She explained that comission was when someone sinned by committing to do the act (they do it on purpose).  Omission was when we sinned by NOT doing something that we SHOULD do. 

Oooooh, that wasn’t good for me to hear.  You see, I’m pretty good about not doing the commission stuff, but the omission?  Instantly I started thinking of all those times I intended to this or meant to do that, and the times I’d suggest ideas to others, then let them fall through the cracks.  There have also been times I’d think of things I should do for others, but failed to follow through with my intended good deeds.  Worse yet, there have been many times I’ve had opportunities to reach out on the Lord’s behalf to do His work, but put it off and then just never got the job done.  I’ve been guilty of a lot of omissions! 

So about these omissions things…I’ll have to start being more careful about discerning what’s just a fleeting idea and what is something I need to follow through with.  I need to be careful about what I offer to do for others, being sure I can carry through with my expressed intentions.  Most importantly, I need to be mindful of the things the Lord puts on my heart so that I don’t let him down by untentional acts of omission. 

Q) How many times might I have failed others by failing Him?   A) More than I care to think about. 

Lord, I’m sorry for all the times I’ve failed to carry through with things I should have done or needed to do.  I’m especially sorry for the times I let YOU down by my acts of omission.  Thank You for bringing this to my awareness.  Please help me to live more intentionally and to keep myself accountable for that which I need to do.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen. 

FROM MY FRIEND, KENDRA:  This is the day that the Lord has made.  Don’t mess it up!  🙂